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How to Get Adsense approvel in bolgger

In This Article I am Going To Show You How To Get Adsense approval In . This is Very Easy To Get Adsense approval in blogger site Just Flow My Process .

1.Domin Name

  • Don't Use Free Domin Name Like tk,ml,cf etc.
  • If You Have Domin Name Like .com,.in,,,.info Then You Can Use It
  • If You Don't Have Domin Name Like This Get It Here or Use Blogger Sub-domin

  •   ...Get Free Top Domin Name..


  • You Need at list 15 to 20 Post In Your Blog.
  • Your Post Should Be More Than 200 Words.

3.User or SEO Friendly Article

  • Write User Friendly  article in simple words.
  • Don't Create Complex  Post .
  • Create Sub-Title in Your Post which is help to Read Your Article Fast.

4. Use Images

  • Don't Use too much Image In One Post 
  • User At list 1 Image And Not More Than 3 Images

5. 100% Unique content

  • Don't Do Copy & Past From Internet or other website.
  • Show Your Creativity in Your Every Post.
  • Try To Create Your Post In English. 

6. Pages

  • You Need To Create At list 4 Pages which is about, privacy policy, contact us and disclaimer.
  • Create other 2 or more which is related to your article topic.

7.Site Map

  • You Need To submit your website and website sitemap in google 
  • And Bing or other website.

8.Light Theme

  • Use Light Theme Which is Load Fast and Improve your user Preference
  • Don't Use Unusual Plugging 

9. Facebook & You tube

  • Share your post in Facebook which is support you to get Traffic to Your Website at starting point.
  • Create Video which is related to your Article  and Give link in Video Description.

10. Apply To Adsense

  • At Last Apply to adsense account with blog then you can get approved with in 48 hr.. for more comment in this post.

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