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How To Get Organic Traffic For Website For Free or Paid - Best SEO In Nepal

Can We Rank Website / Blog Fast ?

Yes, In This article I am Going to Show You How To Get Organic Traffic For Your Website/Blog.
I think Rank Your Website In Google or other search / Browser is Very Easy if you flow Our SEO Tips which is public in this Website or article.

Top 8 Free Tips For Get Organic Website Traffic or Rank Website In Google First Page

  1. Add Your website or blog in Google webmaster
  2. Share Your Website in wikipedia by Dead Link Re-activation
  3. Add Your Website In Other 5 or More internet search engines. 
  4. Create Your Facebook Page or share Your New Post in Facebook  Every day.
  5. Create linkedin Account and Share Your All Post In Your Profile
  6. Create Video Related To Your Post and share Video in Youtube And Give Link In Youtube Video Description 
  7. Create Post In Trading Topic or New Topic
  8. Write Title In English Language with including Tag
  9. Use Best And Simple website Theme .
Top 3 Paid / Master Tips For Get Organic Website Traffic Or Rank Website In Few Days

  1. Create Strong BackLink at list 50 doflow and 100+ NoFlow (Comment in this website Every Post For Free  Doflow Backlink)
  2. Promote Your Website In  Google 
  3. Use Other Paid tools For more 


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